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What We Do

Ecopower manufactures industrial, commercial and architectural LED luminaires and controls, made and/or assembled in Canada. We are experts in LED Lighting development and application.

Highbays to linears, floods to area lights, we have hundreds of engineered LED lighting solutions. Proud members of CSA, BBB, DLC and Lighting Facts, we support the ethical development and sale of LED lighting.


Since 1992 Ecopower has been focused on developing, manufacturing & distributing HID and LED Lighting sources and controls. Our successes include installations in U.S. Defense Department facilities, Canadian Forces Bases, Tier One automotive facilities, major industrial and commercial clients, 100’s of arenas and sports facilities as well as commercial and retail facilities from Hawaii to Alaska.

The company changed hands in 2009. Since then Ecopower has invested over 3 million dollars in developing best in class LED Lighting Solutions and is one of the leading Engineered LED Lighting Project Developers in Canada. We continue to learn, grow and hone our craft to maximize ROI for our clients.


We are an organization committed to reducing the amount of mercury in our environment, providing opportunities for energy savings for our clients and the development of leading edge LED Lighting solutions.

Please reduce the amount of mercury that is being introduced to the world’s fresh water system by recycling your used CFL, fluorescents and HID bulbs.

The mercury from one 4’ fluorescent can contaminate up to 6,000 gallons of fresh water.

Environment Canada states that over 75% of all mercury used in lamps today ends up in landfills.

Are you properly disposing of your CFLs, fluorescents and HID lamps?