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Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms:

On approved credit, 1% 10 days. Net 30 days. All accounts 45 days overdue will be subject to a 2% a month carrying charge.


ALL PRICES are subject to change without notice. All prices are excluded of all application taxes. Written confirmation must accompany all orders or changes.
All Units:
Are supplied without accessories/options and are priced accordingly unless otherwise specifically noted in our price/data sheets.
Minimum Billing:

  • Minimum acceptable value of an order will be $100 for all of Ecopower LED brands.
  • Minimum billing will be $100 for all products and/or replacement parts.


Unless otherwise stated on the quotation, prices include standard packing for domestic shipping only.

Hold Orders:

Orders entered as "hold for approval" or "delivery date to be advised", will not be activated unless they contain a release date. Production and procurement of components will be delayed until firm release dates are given in writing.


No order may be cancelled without prior written consent, or without payment for work performed. If an order is cancelled after shipment or if delivery is refused at destination, all warehousing, delivery and return costs will be charged to the distributor. No cancellations on special, non stocked orders.


Written quotations are valid for a period of 30 days only. Ecopower LED reserves the right to withdraw any quotation prior to its formal acceptance. All quotations on equals are subject to approval after submission of approval drawings. We cannot guarantee approval although every care is used in quoting alternative products. Quotations are based on complete shipments at one time or in truckload quantities unless otherwise stated in writing on our quotations. Acceptance of all orders is subject to Head Office approval. All quotations and all agreement of delivery dates are subject to the risk of strikes, labour stoppages, fires, casualties and any other beyond our control instances.

Price Protection Policy:

All orders requested for delivery within a six month period will have price protection for that period only. Orders requested for delivery later than six months of the received order date will require special approval of Ecopower LED to be accepted, and must be covered on the original quotation.


Shipments are F.O.B our plant, our warehouse or supplier's location.
Stock and Project Orders:

  • Freight prepaid on orders with a minimum value of $2,500 will be accepted.

Any shipments below this value will be collect or when specified, prepaid and charged. Selection of carrier on prepaid shipments shall be at the discretion of Ecopower LED with charges allowed to the distributors nearest railway freight station except Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Labrador and Northern Regions for which actual freight charges will be levied. Orders for direct shipment to job sites will be accepted provided destination is within the distributor's normal trading area, which will be a maximum radius of 75 kilometers from the branch location. Additional costs incurred for requests relating to specialized transportation vehicles will be added at invoicing.

Damage Claims:

The carriers assume responsibility for both apparent and concealed damages sustained in transit. The Title passes to the Purchaser upon delivery by us to the carrier. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect and check any material upon receipt. Any visible shortages and/or damages concealed or otherwise should be noted on the truckers PRO bill and a claim filed within the prescribed period dictated by the carrier. Failure to enter a claim within the prescribed limits of the carrier can nullify any such claim, and does not obligate Ecopower LED to accept any claims.

Return Material Policy:

  • Minimum value for a return must be $300.00 and are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  • All returned material must be accompanied by a "Return Materials Authorization". Any merchandise returned unaccompanied by this authorization will be refused. The RMA is only valid for 30 days. If fixtures on any RMA are not returned within 30 days of the production of the RMA report, the customer will be invoiced for the fixture.
    • If Ecopower must invoice the customer for a fixture and the invoice is not paid in 30 days, the customer account will be put on HOLD status and PO’s will not be fulfilled until the outstanding balance is paid.
  • Application for return authorization must be on the proper Ecopower LED form (https://ecopowerled.com/rma) and must be accompanied by pictures, part numbers, quantities, the original P.O. # and Invoice #, and a description of the issue(s).
  • Materials must be returned in the original factory sealed cartons in sellable conditions.
  • Returns must be made "freight prepaid" to Ecopower LED and FOB destination. 
    • Return freight on all defective items to Ecopower is to be covered by the customer. (Exemption: DOA fixtures)
  • All materials returned are subject to inspection. No credit will be issued for unusable or damaged materials. 
    • Parts returned to Ecopower on any RMA will be tested. If the issue described cannot be replicated, the customer will be invoiced for the fixture. 
  • Shipments containing items other than those authorized on the RMA will result in refusal of complete shipment.
  • Only regular items in the current line are returnable, no discontinued or special items will be accepted.
  • Credit will be issued at original invoice price and handling and restocking charges will be applied. The credit is not to be taken until a credit from Ecopower Inc has been issued to the distributor.
  • Ecopower does not cover labour costs associated with the removal and reinstallation of its product when those labour costs are incurred under an approved RMA or under any other circumstances. Ecopower requires the product be returned under an approved RMA for inspection. Where the RMA has been approved by our Business Manager for a 'site replacement' Ecopower will make arrangements with the agent and distributor to have a replacement product at the customer's site, at the cost of Ecopower, at the time of the removal of the product covered under an approved RMA. Further, Ecopower, upon inspection of the RMA product and finding that the product is defective due to workmanship, will replace that product with the same product OR will provide a credit for 100% of the value of the replacement product to be used by the customer/contractor to purchase Ecopower product. This policy has a credit limit of $500.00 and no cash value.

Short Shipments:

Requests for short shipments must be made within 5 days of receipt.


  • See Return Material Policy section - #2 & #3 are also necessary on all requests for repairs/warranty issues.
  • Materials must be shipped "freight prepaid" to Ecopower LED, repaired material will be returned "freight prepaid" to the customer.
  • Any repairs done by unauthorized persons void all warranties.
  • If when faulty unit is received at Ecopower and there is evidence it has been tampered with outside of Ecopower LED, then your warranty is Void.
  • Warranty work is to be returned to Ecopower for proper inspection and then will either replace or fix the warranty issue. Only under certain circumstances and upon approval from the Head Office, will Ecopower ship out a replacement fixture prior to receiving the faulty fixture back. If this happens and when Ecopower receives the faulty fixture back and it is not a warranty issue due to there being any tampering or environmental causes, etc, Ecopower LED will invoice the fixture to the corresponding customer.
  • Warranty work does not include any labour costs associated with removal and re-installation of our fixtures. Warranty is on parts only.

Guarantee/Warranty Statement:

Ecopower LED products are tested and/or inspected prior to being packed for shipment and are guaranteed from defect in manufacture for the stated periods of time listed on their spec sheets from the date of manufacture or shipment from the Ecopower LED facility (whichever period you can substantiate)
Our guarantee is only valid when Ecopower LED products are installed properly, operated at rated voltage and under normal use and conditions. Ecopower LED, at their discretion, will either repair or replace any properly installed Ecopower LED product which fails under the guidelines of this guarantee provided it is returned to the factory, transportation prepaid and our inspection determines it to be defective. When customary minor assembly or corrective adjustments are involved, it is the contractor's obligation to make necessary corrections or adjustments. This guarantee covers Ecopower LED products manufactured by Ecopower LED and does not extend to transportation or labour charges; nor does it apply to any other products of another manufacturer used in conjunction with Ecopower LED  products. Ecopower LED covers its standard paint finishes under this guarantee. Other finishes applied at the request of the customer are not covered under this guarantee. No other guarantee, expressed or implied exists beyond that included in this statement.

Standard warranty duration (unless otherwise stated per product):

  • Wireless components and sensors: 2 Years (FPK)
  • Lens yellowing: 3 Years
  • Driver: 10 Years
  • Parts and bulbs: 5 Years

Battery Units:

  • Chargers carry a complete one year warranty.
  • Batteries carry a complete one year warranty with an additional 9 year pro-rata*.

* Replacement fuses and lamps are not included in the warranty.
All warranties are subject to proper re-charging within six months of shipping date, yearly full discharge cycle, proper installation, proper maintenance and normal operating conditions. All warranties are subject to the repair and/or replacement of parts or equipment, which upon examination at our plant, are determined to be defective and in our judgment are subject to repair or replacement under warranty.


We provide samples upon request based on product availability at the time of request. Our policy on samples is as follows:

  • $ 2,000.00 for the year for new agents
  • Ecopower will be allocating .5% of the amount of each Agent's sales in the previous year into a sample budget for the year.
    For example:
    • 2015 Sales of $200,000.00 would equal a sample budget for 2016 of $1000.00.
  • Shipping costs on samples will be included as part of the sample budget.

After Sample Budget is used up:

  • Once the budget is used up, the samples options will be as follows:
    • After the sample budget is used up, shipping on samples requested is on the agent's expense
    • Samples will have to be paid for at 50% of the DN price and are yours to keep.
    • Try before you buy (TBYB) in which you will be charged full DN on the sample, if returned within 30 days of original invoice amount, in perfect re-sellable condition, we will then issue a credit against that invoice, but if it is returned after the 30 days, the invoice will stand as owing or a 20% restocking fee will be applied. If the sample is returned damaged or not in a condition in which Ecopower can put back into stock to sell, then we will not be issuing a credit against this sample.***Please note that this option is only available for indoor fixtures***
    • Returns of samples are at agent's expense.

If you are doing any sorting of Marketing campaign regarding Ecopower's products, you can submit a Marketing

Campaign request to klefave@ecopowerled.com for approval for extra Marketing dollars.

CSA/CUL Approval:

Ballasts, lamp holders, starters, etc are labeled separately. Complete units carry a CSA/CUL approved label.

Fixture Dimensions:

Subject to change without notice, consult factory for verification.

Lead Times:

All delivery information provided at time of quotation is standard lead time only. Actual deliveries are subject to conditions prevailing at time of order placement or receipt of approval and releases. Ecopower ELD assumes no responsibility for failure to meet promised dates or delays caused by freight carriers. Standard lead times on non-stocking items is 8-10 weeks. An expedite fee per fixture is available if you require these fixtures in 4-5 weeks.

Catalogue Errors:

Every effort is made to avoid errors in catalogues, price sheets and other data. We will not accept responsibility or labour charge backs in connection with errors of measurement, prices, descriptions, etc. Possession of a price catalogue and buyer's guide is not in itself an offer to sell.

Special Items:

On special fixtures not listed in our current price list, we reserve the right to quote and sell only to the distributor who assisted the company in the development of the business for a specific customer. Orders for special items are not cancelable except on payment for work performed and expenses incurred.

Limitation Liability:

Notwithstanding any other provision in this contract or any applicable statutory provision, Ecopower LED shall not be liable for special or consequential damages or damages for loss of use arising directly or indirectly from any breach of this contract, fundamental or otherwise or from any tortuous acts or omissions of their employees or agents and in no event shall the liability of the company exceed the unit price of the product.