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Light when you need it, savings when you don't.

Advanced sensors work in combination with dimming to provide full illumination only when needed, returning to a reduced level when the area is unoccupied - saving overhead on energy costs. Ecopower iconCONTROLS systems use artificial intelligence to predict peak times on the grid and provides advanced notice about potentially expensive time, allowing you to take action to further minimize your costs by reducing your power draw.

Lighting Controller

Lighting Control Module

The Ecopower iconCONTROLS lighting control module enables you to turn on/off/dim any individual light or group of lights without the need for costly rewiring or buying of new light fixtures. Wire the Ecopower iconCONTROLS LCM with any existing LED, fluorescent, or other light to create a smart light control system

Motion Detector

Sensor Module

Ecopower iconCONTROLS’s sensor module includes 4 motion and 4 brightness sensors that are used for continuous data collection and analysis.This data is used to perform human traffic analysis and daylight harvesting.The continuous data collection and analysis enables the system to maximize energy optimization in real time.

User interface

User Interface

The Ecopower iconCONTROLS user interface enables the end user to interact with the system with the best possible experience in managing the facility. The user interface allows the user to control the lighting within the facility across multiple platforms and from remote locations.

Ecopower iconCONTROLS by the numbers

Operating Cost Comparison [%]
Conventional Lighting Systems
LED Lighting Systems with No Smart Control

Operating Cost of Lighting Systems

Ecopower iconCONTROLS lighting systems with Ecopower iconLED fixtures reduce the cost of operating lighting systems by 75% in our user case scenarios. Reduction in the operation cost is possible because of the use of advanced A.I based energy optimization techniques.

Cost of Implementation [%]
LED Lighting Systems
Traditional Smart Controls with LED Lighting System

Cost of Lighting Implementation

The cost of implementing Ecopower iconCONTROLS lighting controls is significantly lower than the implementation of any other lighting control systems in the market. This is due to the design parameters of our lighting controllers. Ecopower iconCONTROLS lighting systems reduce the cost of installation of smart lighting controllers by 75%. What's more, installation can be completed 3-4 times faster than any other lighting control systems on the market due to the design parameters of Ecopower iconCONTROLS lighting controllers.

Cost of Lighting Payback Period [Months]
LED Lighting Systems
Traditional Smart Controls with LED Lighting System

Cost of Lighting Payback Period

The average payback period for Ecopower iconCONTROLS lighting systems with LED lights are almost 50% that of any other control systems in the market. This is possible because of the low cost of implementation and improved energy optimization in the lighting systems with the artificial intelligence engine.

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EcoGROW Control System

The EcoGROW Grow Light Control System is a wireless distributed lighting control system perfect for the innovative EcoGROW line of full spectrum grow lights from Ecopower iconLED.
Our Grow Light Control System allow growers to address each light individually, in groups, or in zones - which can be reprogrammed wirelessly on the spot. EcoGROW provides optimal lighting distribution and flexibility within the lighting layout.

Zone Diagram Remote wireless controls

Lights can be grouped together in zones depending on the application or requirements for different crops. Customized zonal controls are achieved irrespective of the electrical wiring within the greenhouse facility.

Download EcoGROW Control Info

EcoCLIMATE Climate Control Management

EcoClimate Climate Control Management from Ecopower iconCONTROLS is a wireless process control system that is capable of measuring and controlling multiple greenhouse departments. It can communicate with 1000+ outputs for controlling a myriad of systems including:

Fertigation machine
  • Wireless control
  • Optimized plant growth
  • Reduces energy, water, and fertilizer usage
Ozone treatment

EcoCLIMATE is easy to install. It comes with ethernet/internet access which makes remote access a breeze. Our Climate Control Technology works round the clock to optimize the greenhouse climate, increase crop yields, reduce energy costs, and protect the greenhouse against harsh weather conditions.

Download EcoClimate Info

Ozone Greenhouse Water Treatment Systems

Recycle and disinfect your nutrient solution. Collect and clean your nutrient water run-off for all your hydroponic, foriculture and medical marijuana crops. EcoCLIMATE ozone water treatment systems are the key to improving your bottom line! Ensure your crop has fresh, clean, purified water every time you irrigate.

Ideal for sterilizing irrigation waste water for greenhouse flower and vegetable crops, the EcoCLIMATE ozone water treatment systems are available for water flow rates from 10 US GPM to 1000 US GPM. Each system is custom designed to suit your specific growing needs and water flow rate.